What’s Cooking Wednesdays: A Lighter Fair


After weeks of hamburgers, dining out, fried foods, and Heaven remembers what else, I was craving something a lot on the lighter side.

Again, I browsed the many cheese- or sugar-laden delicious food photos on Pinterest, and found nothing excited me.

Then a vision of quiche popped into my head. Wonderful! Quiche Lorraine.

I began to search for complements to quiche. When I was younger, we only had quiche as the whole meal. Somehow this seemed incomplete tonight. As I searched for what I thought was a silly request, I began to read forum posts, I saw that other people had the same wonder. The most common suggestions were soup or a vinaigrette salad. Too… normal.. for me.

Then, another vision flashed across my head… something I had never done before… fruit as a side item! To make it even more interesting, what about chocolate dipped fruit – a side and dessert in one.

As I prepped my quiche and began to make Ms. Minnie’s Chocolate Pie (on a whim), I felt less and less like sweetened fruit. So how about just fruit au natural.

So here we go for this Wednesday’s dinner…

Quiche Lorraine
Fresh Red Grapes + Strawberries
Strawberried Pink Moscato, and
MissĀ  Minnie’s Chocolate Pie


Kitchen Tools Used To Make All This: