Tiny Breakfast of Champions

Poached Egg

Perfectly Cooked Poached Egg

Today is my third day of class this semester and the first week of this blog. What ever made me think that starting those two things the same week would be a good idea? For the last three days I’ve woken up at 4.30 am, Pinterested a few good meals, and Googled a bunch of other stuff. I did, however, manage to get up and get dressed with enough time to spare to make myself breakfast every morning – mainly because I’m secretly plotting how each meal will look if possibly photographed and posted on this blog. Then I traveled 1.5 hours to school & work and back home – everyday. When I get home, I crash. I’ve hardly eaten lunch or dinner these last three days because of lack of energy and/or appetite. And after three days, I have learned three very important things.

1. If I eat a hearty (even small) breakfast, it can carry me throughout the day without the feeling to binge at lunch or bedtime.
2. Even though my breakfast has fulfilled me for the day, I MUST eat – regardless of my lack of appetite. Not eating can cause starvation, dehydration, diarrhea, nausea, etc. Unless you’re fasting purposefully, you MUST eat.
3. I can not get turned on by sweets! Me…a lifelong sugar-addict.

These were always biggies for me. I tended to skip breakfast, eat a big lunch, maybe dinner, and devour everything in sight after 10pm, and crave sweets tremendously.

I would always joke that my favorite foods were sugar and cheese – because, well… they were. But when I realized that my Christmas dinner this year was about 75% brown sugar and bacon, I said “That’s it, Tami!’. No more sugar for you. We are eatin’ clean!”

I was doing pretty well with that this 2013. I did have a few sweetened items today (Gatorade, diet cola, part of an Herbalife pina colada smoothie). And after those things, I realized that I really don’t want the taste of sugar in my mouth or body… it just doesn’t like it anymore.

The sad thing is that, as I was browsing breakfast recipes online this week I noticed the majority of them either involve copious amounts of white or brown sugar, prepackaged flour tortillas, or the title ‘pizza’.

There is no way I can (or have ever been able to) start and run my day on a flipping cinnamon roll – or anything similar. Store bought flour tortillas feel like pillows in your tummy. And ‘pizza’ is for lazy nights in, not for breakfast.

It takes work to find a first meal that’s quick, easy, clean, and adult-approved.

And that’s where I wake up and accept the challenge.

I typically try to limit my tiny breakfasts in my tiny kitchen to my microwave, skillet, OR George Foreman (GF). This month, I’m going to add a tiny crockpot to the mix. I tend to use only 1 appliance, though. This week has been my GF – making bacon+goodies breakfast tacos with HEB’s ready to cook flour tortillas. They are a thousand times lighter and better tasting than those puffy white ones in the bread aisle.

CHALLENGE: I will find a year’s worth of breakfasts that budget, time, and cuisine-conscious food lovers (like myself) will enjoy.

So, ride along with me as I search for, plan, and prepare my daily tiny breakfast of champions.


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